Leadership & Team Building

This program is designed to provide a framework with tools and reports to connect employees with different communication and work styles on collaborative, high-performing teams. The Birkman Method is the foundation of the program which involves both employee coaching to support each team member’s leadership development, and team coaching to increase cohesion and collaboration between team members.

Program details

Duration: 2 hours

After completion of the 30-minute online Birkman questionnaires, one-on-one consultation sessions are conducted with your team members for the interpretation of their Individual Birkman Assessment results. These sessions are fully personalized where employees gain actionable insights into their interests, behavioral styles (productive and reactive) and motivators. Self-awareness and self-management are the core themes to support leadership development.

Your team members receive a custom package of top Birkman reports, including Birkman Signature Report, Birkman Coaching Report and Birkman Stress Management Report, at the end of their 1-1 sessions. See report samples.

Duration: 1-1.5 hours

After individual sessions are completed for your team members, a consultant-led group facilitation session is conducted for the interpretation of Group Birkman Assessment results. This session is fully tailored to the team characteristics where employees gain an understanding of individual and team strengths, motivators and expectations through a group discussion. Social awareness and relationship management are the core themes to increase team cohesion and collaboration.

Your team receives a copy of the keynote presentation, including Group Birkman Map (Interests, Usual Behaviors, Needs and Stress Behaviors), comparative reports and discussion questions, at the end of the group session.

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