Iris H., Communications Specialist

Pelin is a career consultant star. Between her in-depth knowledge about a wide variety of industries and her ability to match personality and career, Pelin is a great person to have on your side. She worked tirelessly with me every step of the process from providing insight about my personality and targeting best-fit jobs to endlessly reworking my resume and LinkedIn. On top of it all she created a welcoming environment in which I felt comfortable examining how I’d been pursuing all the wrong career paths for my personality. Her help was instrumental in my job search.

Kerri L., Account Manager

Realizing that I wanted to change careers was a scary idea and I’m so glad I was able to find Pelin! With her help and the Birkman assessment I was able to find out what field I should really be in to be happy and successful. The test is insightful and pointed out characteristics in me that I hadn’t even realized before, and I now know what kind of environment I need to be able to thrive, and what kinds of workplaces to avoid. Pelin was able to help me figure out what job options are possible with the skills I already have, and luckily it’s not too far of a leap! I’m so lucky to have found her and I’m excited to finally have the career direction I’d been seeking. I highly recommend her services!

Fred M., IT Professional

I am a fan of ReNewlst and especially Pelin for the work she put in assisting me with making a career choice. I am well into my career and happy with my current employer. I wanted to get guidance as what I should consider for the second act in my career, when I will be able to choose what I want to do instead of trying to find a job that I have to qualify for. I was vaguely familiar with the Birkman Method of assessing an individual's competencies. Pelin patiently worked with me and explained that the Birkman Method is a tool which identifies a person's passions, behaviors, motivation and interests based on a series of questions. The questions seem endless, be prepared to sit for about an hour, but it is well worth it. You will meet with Pelin to discuss your report results and she will go through each knowledge area to ensure you are aware of the findings. I found it reaffirming and at the same time interesting to see what is suggested I pursue in my second act. I highly recommend taking the Birkman assessment through Pelin, whether you are looking for a second career or finding your personality strengths.

Florian M., Securities Operations Specialist

Pelin wrote a new cover letter and resume for me. I had both written by professional resume writers before, but I was never fully satisfied. Thanks to Pelin’s knowledge of the financial industry and the fact that she spends much more time on finding out more about her clients than any other writer, my new cover letter and resume look great and I am fully satisfied with her work. Pelin is someone who truly wants to help her clients. She is hardworking and very engaged. I always appreciated her quick response times and also her honest feedback. I would recommend Pelin’s services to everyone who needs help with cover letters, resumes and professional coaching.

E. T., Sales Professional

I met with Pelin this spring and took the Birkman assessment with her. It was such a pleasure meeting with her and discussing my results! I ended up staying much longer than I’d anticipated and we had a wonderful conversation about my current career fit and what was/wasn’t working there. The results were surprising and Pelin was an empathetic guide through the assessment. It helped me to realize that I’m actually in a good career for my interests and strengths but that it’s also important to make sure the company is a good fit for me as well. I definitely recommend her and would go back if I ever need resume help or advice for a career shift.

Ilise R., Health Coach

I came to Pelin as a credentialed coach seeking clarity and direction in my next endeavor. Her warm approach was consistent throughout the feedback and coaching session for the Birkman Assessment. Taking this self-assessment has already made a difference for me. I highly recommend Pelin both as a coach and an experienced Birkman consultant. She will make a difference – just trust the process.

Tolga T., Sales Management Consultant

With Pelin as my coach, I have become more focused in my career aspirations and acquired a new approach with my professional branding. Our work together has enabled me to attain the tools that tell my career story and highlight my goals, strengths and accomplishments. She provided practical analysis, structured approach and sound advice that took me beyond the usual with a new perspective. Her background as a corporate banker and an MBA grad makes her an important source in career development. I hope and plan to extend my personal and professional relationship with her.

Yancey Q., Educator

Pelin is exceptionally adept at getting to know her clients’ goals, skills and talents to help them best promote themselves in the job market. She helped make the onerous task of changing careers much more managable and well-defined for me. She is affable, expert and professional. I highly recommend her services for anyone seeking to get the most out of their personal brand.

Sevgi T., Business Owner

The Birkman Assessment has been an enjoyable and extremely useful experience for me. Anyone, regardless of age and occupation, can be unaware of many things about themselves and that might be having a huge impact on their job performance and satisfaction. By taking this assessment, I have discovered not only my strengths and motivational needs, but also how I could use them to my advantage in my personal and professional life. I’m very thankful to Pelin for coaching me while warmly and engagingly explaining my results. I feel empowered to communicate with my staff and clients more effectively and run my business more successfully.

Cristina B., Coaching for Change

It sounds like being born another time with more awareness of “Who I am”. Despite a personal skepticism regarding assessments in general, I honestly have to say that this time was different. I like the completeness of the Birkman Assessment that confirms my endless and not understood love for creativity. And, as in every classical fairy tale, it was like opening a new window towards new colors and music where the mosaic of my mind finally starts to take a new and meaningful shape. What I consider extremely valuable is the coaching conversation that has developed around the many different aspects of my personality: some of which it happens I like very much and some maybe less. For the latter, I realized how important is to raise the awareness which is the starter of any great change. Working with Pelin helped me to re-open my eyes and tackle what, just naturally considered part of my character from birth, granted themselves the right to master some of my angles. To make a long story short (because I could continue for long), I would highlight two keywords: CONNECTED – really connected to my inner which brings me a lot of ENERGY to start something new. You got me, Pelin!!

David S., IT Director

I had been looking to relocate, searching for a job across the country without success. I realized I needed some expert help. Although I thought I had a strong resume, Pelin quickly pointed out some weaknesses that were holding me back. She worked with me to refine both the document and, crucially, my LinkedIn presence. From the first call, she exuded warmth and positive energy. Our meetings were a series of discussions that continuously drew me into the process. Pelin’s guidance on networking was empowering–exactly the right combination of supporting framework and an encouraging push that I needed. Her ability to rapidly gain insights into my industry, career, experience, and what distinguishes me from the competition was incredibly impressive. She pairs that with a gift for quickly zeroing in on those areas that need attention. Pelin is direct and assertive when needed, but always refreshingly open and inquisitive. She is never without a smile. It was such a pleasure working with Pelin, and I’m sure I’ll be returning for her guidance in the future.

Noelle G., Program Specialist

When I first found Pelin, I had difficulty explaining to her what it was that I did because I had been doing it for so long and wore so many hats. Using her keen listening and analytical skills (and some patience) she was able to tease out the information that I was having trouble conveying. Also, since I was looking to change career paths, she helped me see my transferrable skills and their applicability in my new field of choice. She administered a Birkman Assessment test to help me hone in on how I work and function best. Throughout the course of us working together, she was able to compose a resume and cover letter for me and to completely overhaul my LinkedIn profile and interview skills. Pelin has truly helped me transform my professional life and I recommend her to anyone who needs help with theirs.

Arielle M., Library Information Analyst

Pelin is an amazing career counselor! I would highly recommend her to anyone that needs help with job searching, resume building or completing a school application. Pelin helped me choose the graduate schools, create a resume, fill out the online application, and develop a personal statement for each school. She was always prepared for our meetings and worked around my work schedule. By breaking down the application into manageable chunks, Pelin made the application process a lot less stressful for me. I am extremely grateful for her help and very happy with my experience!

Oscar D., Executive Director

I met Pelin years ago when we both worked for IFC-World Bank in Washington DC. Our paths crossed again recently just at the time I needed to position myself better for a new business initiative. Pelin put a fresh perspective on my professional profile and brought a quick turnaround to my resume. She knows how to gather and organize thoughts, and articulate strengths and achievements in clear, concise statements. She pays much needed attention to important details that help make up the big picture. In my opinion, Pelin would make a valuable contribution to anyone’s career aspirations.

Michael S., Sales Executive

ReNewist is a true innovator in career coaching. So different from traditional general, widely available tricks and tools, Pelin helped me to dig into my experience and challenged me to improve my online and resume representation in ways that I had not before considered. Her work was consistent and helpful while not pushy and ultimately, she empowered me to reflect and determine the best way to modify my search and collateral to land a rewarding career.

Uygar D., Senior Project Manager

Pelin is a unique individual, a mix of arts and business, who will make you feel at home and comfortable as soon as you walk in her space. With candid conversations, she will get to know you and ask you just the right questions. As she is getting to know you, you will learn about yourself, too! Pelin helped me update my resume, and created my Linked In profile as I was getting to start my job search. Her unique perspective helped me stand out among other candidates and a few months later, I've landed my dream job. Thank you Renewist for the next step on my career!

Peter T., Sales and Marketing Professional

Pelin displayed a serious sense of pride in her work. This was evident from the extensive preparatory work. Her suggestions and ideas were both intelligent and thoughtful. She showed genuine interest in me and I felt she truly wanted to help. Pelin is sociable and has strong communication skills. I found it easy to relate to her experiences and visa versa. I would highly recommend working with Pelin and look forward to staying in touch with her.

Eileen H., Research Assistant

I would encourage anyone seeking a change in their career or interested in learning more about themselves to meet with Pelin. The Birkman Assessment and Pelin’s guidance offered unique insight into my motivations, strengths, and stress reactors. Not only does Pelin provide insight as an experienced professional, but also as someone who has completely shifted her own path in order to follow her passion. Her consultation allowed me the courage and tools needed to deeply assess an inclination towards changing my career, and this has made a profound impact.

Flor T., Healing Touch Practitioner

Pelin’s guidance to work on my personal brand and build my professional profile on Linkedin was very helpful. I found Pelin to be very focused, inquisitive, sharp and quick at uncovering my strengths and accomplishments and defining my competitive edge. She has an excellent capacity to simplify matters and focus on what is really important. I strongly recommend Pelin’s services to anyone who is seeking guidance to create and market their personal brand, and stand out in the competition.

Berrin K., Banking Professional

I have known and worked with Pelin for several years. She is so insightful, warm, fabulous listener and a very encouraging person. If you are in need of career guidance I definitely recommend going to see her. You feel comfortable while you are working with her. It was a pleasure to work with Pelin.

Ben T., Producer & Director

Pelin is an insightful dynamo who found the best way to package and present my achievements to prospective employers. I am very good at the work I do, but I lack the polish needed when it comes to selling myself and Pelin really came through for me in that regard. Pelin helped me understand how to properly describe my work, what makes a good resume, and how to use my LinkedIn account effectively. Not only did I gain much more effective tools, but I feel I have a stronger grasp of how to target and successfully hunt the next stage of my career. On top of her professional guidance, Pelin is a pleasure to work with. I honestly felt that she cared about what I wanted and really tried to steer me in the direction of my dream job. I would use her again in a heartbeat, but seeing now that my search is going well, I probably won’t have to anytime soon.

Daniel T., Policy Analyst

I came to Pelin because I was having trouble getting noticed by employers in a new field. She helped me re-do my resume and linkedin profile in order to highlight my transferable skills and experiences. A few months later I interviewed for several positions and had two offers to choose from. Both were great fits for my skills, but they wouldn’t have known this if not for Pelin’s help.

Simge D., Brand Manager

Pelin uses the Birkman model, which provides guidance based on your motivations, as opposed to the conventional models that are based on your strengths - and that made all the difference for me. After having met with Pelin, I have clear understanding of what drives my motivation and how to infuse it into the workplace and even personal life outside of work. I highly recommend her to anybody.

Dawn R., Sales Coordinator

Pelin has played a tremendous role in helping to move my career along. I came to her after I felt that I was stuck in a career rut. I wanted to change positions in my company and move into a role that I was capable of yet had little experience in. I specifically wanted to take the leap from Operations Management into Sales and Marketing. Through Pelin’s coaching, I was able to construct a new position that was on my own terms within 4 short weeks. She was great at identifying my strengths and areas that warranted improvement. In the short time that we’ve worked together, I have extensively changed my leadership approach and become more focused than ever. My team is responding well to my improved sense of purpose and together we’re achieving great success. I have succeeded in creating additional revenue streams thanks to her encouragement to become more active in networking and marketing. Pelin is the first person that I will call when looking for coaching.

Christian R., Educator

I have found the Birkman assessment, and Pelin’s expert facilitation, to be absolutely essential to my present job search. I have always found the external demands of weighing offers and options bewildering. Faced with the complexity of the process, as well as the array of demands that looking for a good position entail, it is all too easy to become reactive and lose sight of what one is really looking for. This is why I am so glad I decided to work with Pelin, and go through with the Birkman assessment/consultation. As she makes clear with her characteristic intelligence, sensitivity, and warmth – the test helps to gauge your core motivations and needs, while also giving you an effective sense of how you navigate those needs in the pressure of external situations. Though I pride myself on practicing introspection to a deep degree, it was nonetheless powerful to have access to a targeted and more “objective” snapshot of my personality, especially as it fits in to the workplace environment. As I now go through the interview process, I have found that her interpretations of the test have become fundamental in my decision making. They have allowed to me to have a real concrete functional sense of what my needs are, and what type of working situation would best allow me to be happy and thrive. In short, I would wholeheartedly recommend Pelin’s services to anyone who feels that they need help translating their own internal life into a better set of career opportunities. She has a rare combination of traits that naturally draw a person out, and allow them to explore parts of themselves they might not even know are there. If this weren’t enough, she also possesses a strong practical and objective sense that, in combination with her formidable work experience, allows her to effectively aid her clients to find that ideal balance between their personal and professional selves. If you are considering a session I would not hesitate. As you can see from the other reviews here, the benefits of working with her immediate and tangible. Just don’t be surprised if you continue to sense subtler positive effects long after the session.

Nina R., Trend Forecaster

Pelin is such a joy to work with. That alone can make or break a business, and from the first moment I met her I knew that no one would work harder or be more invested in my interests and goals than she. Pelin is incredibly knowledgable about her line of work and is a skilled Birkman-certified coach. I would recommend her to everyone, and I could not speak more highly of her!

Mine E., Corporate Banking Director

Pelin and I worked very closely in the same corporate banking team for several years at HSBC. When she told me about the Birkman Method and showed some sample reports, I immediately decided to take the assessment. During my feedback and coaching session, she provided valuable insights into my personality, strengths and motivations which obviously had been influencing my relations and communication with my team. I can describe my Birkman experience as a stimulating self-analysis, thinking and reflection while widening the window through which I can see others’ perceptions. During our session, Pelin also compared our results and explained the similarities and differences between us. I’m not surprised that we had a great team work together all those years. I highly recommend Pelin’s services to anyone who is in management roles and wants to become a better leader.

Stephanie B., Coaching for Women

I was struggling to get a job and determine my career path when I decided to get help from Pelin. She knew instinctively what questions to ask so she could craft a brilliant resume and cover letter and help me define my personal brand. I went from feeling hopeless in my job search to being confident that I had an identity that would get me a job. I highly recommend her.

Arzu U., Project Controller

Pelin is really a good coach. She helped me find solutions for my personal and professional development. We worked together systematically through an action plan that she always empowered me with her opinions and experiences. She has a great understanding of her customer that she can develop empathy and show the big picture which helped me always come up with concrete results. She is hardworking and engaged with her work and she reflects her enthusiasm. Therefore, I believe Pelin will be one of the best coaches in the future.

Kimberly M., Graphics Coordinator

Pelin is warm, mindful, clear, direct, and encouraging. Being coached by Pelin, I have learned my strengths and how to use them in my life. I know that I will always contact her to help me move forward in the most difficult life struggles. We all need to be coached in some way. Pelin has strong knowledge to get me to move when I become stuck in all areas of my life from career, relationships to pursuing employment in this hard job market. I am grateful to have met Pelin and to know I can reach out to her for anything.


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