Top Birkman Reports

As part of the Career Exploration program, you receive a package of top Birkman reports, including Birkman Signature Report, Birkman Career Exploration Report and Birkman Insights Report.

Once you develop a good understanding of your Birkman results during the 2.5-hour consultation session, you can maintain the learning and growth benefits by regularly reading these reports and applying personalized, actionable insights to your work and personal life.

The ultimate goal of using Birkman is creating knowledge, actions and solutions.

This is the core Birkman report that combines occupational and behavioral data in one comprehensive report. It delivers insights on:

– Occupational motivators
– Usual (productive) behavior, Needs (social expectations) and Stress (unproductive) behavior
– Visualization of your behavior profile on The Birkman Map, enabling immediate selfawareness in the context of the behavior spectrum
– Career matches from your profile to the largest professional database O*NET, the nation’s primary source of occupational information

This is one of the most comprehensive career tools currently available on the market. It uses statistical data to deliver insights on:

– Specific jobs you look most and least similar to within 18 major job families
– Hyperlinked job titles to explore salary, demand, education and skills associated with roles
– Activities that energize and fuel your passion for work
– Expectation and preferences you have for the people you work with and the environment you work in
– Personalized interview guide

This is a set of topic driven reports that deliver result-oriented, actionable feedback on many different topics, including:

– Motivating your best performance
– Your possible challenges
– Effective job search strategies
– How you approach job interviews
– How you influence others
– Managing conflict
– Your leadership style
– Managing your time
– Relational Disrupters

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