Birkman Colors

The Birkman Method helps you understand your unique personality through the use of four colors (red, green, yellow, blue) measured by four key facets of personality which are:

1. INTERESTS are activities that you enjoy and motivate you in your work and personal life. You will naturally gravitate towards these. There are ten areas of interest: artistic, literary, musical, persuasive, social service, scientific, technical, outdoor, numerical, administrative.

2. NEEDS are what you need from other people and your environment to be satisfied and engaged. Examples: Strong, direct supervision, team acceptance, opportunities to feel heard, a definite plan in place

3. USUAL BEHAVIORS are your typical behaviors when your Needs are met. These are your strengths and how others see you. Examples: initiates actions, competitive, reflective, organized, detailed

4. STRESS BEHAVIORS are your unproductive behaviors when your Needs are not met by others or your environment. Examples: impatient, edgy, overly competitive, indecisive, resistant to change

Here are some of the most common characteristics for each color:

Birkman color red

The Birkman Color Key is often used as a starting point in the professional development process. Give a start to your professional growth by answering the questions in this blog post.

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