What’s Birkman?

Scientifically Developed Personality Assessment
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Created over 70 years ago, the Birkman Method is a scientifically developed, multi-dimensional tool that combines behavioral and occupational data in one assessment.

It identifies four key facets of personality – interests, needs (motivations), usual behaviors and stress behaviors – and analyzes how personality and occupation interact.

Because Birkman drives awareness of both self and others, it can positively impact any relationship in a person’s life and empower individuals and teams.

It is the only assessment that measures individual motivations and expectations, and thus, one of the most powerful assessments on the market today. It is used in more than 40 countries and delivered in 24 languages.

While the analysis is complex at its core, results are interpreted by Birkman certified consultants in ways that are easy to understand and applicable in practice.

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