Why Birkman?

Knowledge + Action + Solution

Scientifically Developed 

Backed by over 70 years of social science research, the Birkman Method combines behavioral and occupational data in one assessment.

Unique Approach

Birkman is the only assessment that taps into individual motivations and expectations by uncovering the formula for exactly what each individual needs to thrive.

Reliability & Validity

The focus on reliability and validity driven by experts in psychology, data science, statistics, and research ensures the usability of the data in a changing marketplace.

40+ Reports

Birkman information is applicable to individuals at all stages of their life and career and can be reported in 40+ ways to meet individual needs.

Actionable Insights

Insights into strengths, behaviors, motivations, interests, occupational fit, career satisfaction and interpersonal relationships provide ways to take action and drive real change.

Comparative Reports

Comparison of behaviors and preferences on nine personality components offers impactful recommendations to improve interpersonal dynamics between two people.

Work With an Experienced Birkman Consultant

Birkman Consultant

“The most enjoyable part of my job has always been speaking with people about their Birkman assessment results. I have interpreted over 100 assessments for a broad range of individuals and teams from different cultures. Since everyone has their own story, every conversation is original and interesting.”

Pelin Aldatmaz – Birkman Certified Consultant

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