Career Exploration Using Birkman

Find Your Purpose and Direction

Career solutions for professionals in early, middle and late stages of career, as well as recent graduates, university students and high school students

 Scientifically-backed Birkman Method aligns personal strengths and interests to 22 job families and 150+ job functions

√  In-depth analysis of Birkman data to capitalize on personal differentiators and set career goals

√  Personalized job search guidance with a list of current job opportunities in different industries and companies

√  Tips for conducting a successful job search and articulating unique strengths during interviews

Top Career Solutions

Develop a Career Plan

Make Better Decisions

Overcome Fear of Change

Handle Midlife Crisis

Manage Burnout / Stress

Avoid Quiet Quitting

Increase Job Satisfaction

Improve Self-Motivation

Boost Productivity

Discover the Right Careers, Job Roles and Workplaces
Birkman Career Exploration
How It Works



The first step is career exploration. After you complete the online Birkman questionnaire, a one-on-one consultation session is conducted to interpret your Birkman personality and career profiles along with the review of your resume.

The session is fully personalized to highlight key career areas that will provide you with the greatest potential for success. At the end of the session, you receive:

  • Your custom package of top Birkman reports
  • Your job search guide including the best potential fit industries and job roles, the right keywords to use in your job search, and a list of current job opportunities in different industries and companies.



Follow-up sessions (optional) are for career planning where the Birkman information is used to set your career goals, identify specific job targets, and find opportunities for training and improving skills.

Once your career goals are solidified, it is time to understand the current job market and what employers value, and to create your personal brand statement based on your individual selling points for:

  • Your resume profile
  • Your LinkedIn headline
  • Your elevator pitch
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