Career Exploration Using Birkman

Whether you are in the early years of college, immediately post-college or in the early, middle and late stages of career, this program is designed to help you with your career exploration using the Birkman Method Assessment. By measuring your career profile and creating your action plan, it aims to provide career coaching based on in-depth analysis and career insights that are reflective of your interests, passions and personality. The focus on motivations – a vital part of personality – is what sets this program apart from all other expert career guidance.

Choose your package

Total number of sessions: 1
Duration: 2.5 hours

After you complete the 30-minute online Birkman questionnaire, your assessment results are analyzed along with your resume and interpreted to you during a 2.5-hour consultation session in person or online (Zoom or other video call). The session is fully personalized for you where you get guidance for your career planning after evaluating:

•What you most love to do
•What you do best
•What motivates you
•Your ideal work environment
•Your career goals and options

You receive a custom package of top Birkman reports, including Birkman Signature Report, Birkman Career Exploration Report and Birkman Insights Report, at the end of your session. See report samples.

Total number of sessions: 4
Duration: 1 x 2.5 hours + 3 x 1 hour/session

In addition to Option 1, three follow-up sessions are conducted to help you with your career development:

Career Direction
Measure your preferences and attraction to different tasks, job roles and work environments, leverage your strengths and create your action plan

Use Birkman information to find opportunities for training and improving your skills, performance and productivity towards achieving more success in your career

Develop your positioning statement that reveals your unique selling points and express yourself to employers with good content both written and verbally

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