Employee Career Management

Encourage Employee Growth & Motivation

Through personalized coaching, employees thrive in an engage workplace culture

√  Attract and retain top talent by providing career development opportunities across the organization

  Optimize employee performance through self-awareness and emotional intelligence

√  Keep employees engaged by identifying underlying expectations and motivations that can increase satisfaction

√  Empower laid-off employees to mitigate conflict, dissatisfaction and negative Glassdoor reviews

Birkman Feedback For Every Stage of the Employee Life Cycle
Birkman Tools
How It Works


Employee Development Program supports professional growth of employees and improves employee motivation and engagement.


The program begins with career assessment. After completion of the online Birkman questionnaire, a one-on-one consultation session is conducted to assess individual interests, strengths and motivators in the workplace. The follow-up sessions are for career planning where the Birkman information is used to develop targeted and measurable growth plans, and to identify skills gap, training needs and opportunities for continous career development.


Outplacement Program guides laid-off employees back to career success fast through 2-step method job search assistance.


The program begins with career exploration. After completion of the online Birkman questionnaire, a one-one-one consultation session is conducted to assess individual strengths, motivators, attraction to different tasks, job roles and work environments.  The following sessions include insights about the current job market and the potential positions, personal branding, resume and cover letter writing, improving LinkedIn profile, advice on job search techniques and networking strategies, interview preparation and salary negotiation.

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