Job Search Assistance

Use Strategies to Get a New Job

Job search solutions from job search techniques to personal branding, resume writing, LinkedIn optimization, networking, interview preparation and more

√  Personalized guidance for setting a career direction, potential job targets and action plans to execute a successful job search

  Powerful strategies for increasing the chances of hearing back from potential employers, including how to get a resume past applicant tracking systems

√  Personal branding based on unique strengths and transferrable skills to seize exciting new opportunities in the job market

√  Support, motivation and accountability throughout job search, networking, interviewing and salary negotiation

How It Works


Total number of sessions: 6
Duration: 6 x 1 hour/session

Job Search Techniques
Conduct an effective job search based on your specified preferences and attraction to different tasks, job roles, work environments, companies and industries

Personal Branding
Discover your unique value proposition to employers and the best way to present it in person, online and on paper

Resume & Cover Letter 
Get your modern-day resume (one or two versions) targeted at specific jobs and your cover letter template that can be easily modified for different job applications

LinkedIn Profile
Improve your LinkedIn profile with a compelling headline, a professional summary, and a rich content

Networking Strategies
Get advice and tips on preparing your elevator pitch, connecting with the right people and increasing your visibility in the job market

Interview Preparation 
Practice interview questions, and receive instant feedback to improve your responses and interviewing style. Also learn how to negotiate salary and benefits.


Total number of sessions: 1
Duration: 1.5 hours

Before the Session
Email the job posting and your resume, and receive a set of general and job specific interview questions to prepare for the session in advance

During the Session
Complete a 90-minute mock interview to develop a strategic approach to answering questions, providing winning examples, identifying what to ask employers, and conducting a successful negotiation

Interview coaching sessions involve training (read my interview tips), practice and feedback to show your unique professional qualities and engage prospective employers with a story that makes you stand out in their minds.

The Harvard Business Review Data Proves That Job Seekers Land 2.67 Times Quicker With Job Search Assistance.

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