Quiet hiring in 2023
Quiet Hiring
There is a new workplace phenomenon that bosses and employees should prepare for: quiet hiring, CNBC Make It reports. Quiet hiring takes place [...]
Ghost Jobs
Ghost Jobs
According to a recent survey of 1,000 hiring managers conducted by Clarify Capital in September 2022, 68% of managers had job postings active [...]
Person-Occupation Fit
Personality Tests For Career Success
Over the years I’ve used the Birkman Method Assesment with a broad range of clients from different backgrounds for career exploration and [...]
Quiet quitting
What Can You Do Instead of Quiet Quitting?
These days a new term "quiet quitting" is going viral on social media. It refers to doing the bare minimum at work, instead [...]
LinkedIn for Job Seekers
LinkedIn Tips for Job Seekers
LinkedIn works for many jobseekers - whether it’s to attract prospective employers and recruiters or to use as a networking tool and [...]
Birkman Consultants
Birkman Celebrates 70 Years
September 2021 marks the 70th anniversary of the Birkman Method. It also marks the 8th anniversary of my certification as a Birkman consultant. I'm [...]
Outgoing introverts
Outgoing Introverts
Are you an extrovert or an introvert? That's a question we all have been asked at some point in our lives. And [...]
a manager or a leader
Are You A Manager Or A Leader?
A common debate: Are you a manager or a leader? The internet is loaded with articles that discuss the differences between management [...]
How to get noticed by employers and invited for interviews
How To Get Noticed By Employers
Since the coronavirus pandemic hit the job markets hard in early 2020, I have coached a broad range of individuals from different [...]
job hunting during Covid-19
Job Hunting During Covid-19
Job hunting during the Covid-19 pandemic is challenging. Many job seekers wonder if it even makes sense to look for a job. [...]
The highest earning college majors for students in the Covid-19 era
The Highest Earning College Majors
The U.S. Bureau for Labor Statistics’ June 2020 job report reveals that the unemployment rate is currently 11.1%. As the economic consequences [...]
millennials and Gen Zs make wise career decisions during covid-19
Make Wise Career Decisions During Covid-19
Over the last few months, the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on our lives has been tremendous. As a career coach, I’ve [...]
The STAR technique, interview techniques
How To Use The STAR Technique
Before the holidays roll around, you can expect a busy time for recruiting. These days I’m spending a lot of time to [...]
network internally
Ways To Network Internally
Recently, one of my clients has been promoted within his company and relocated to the West Coast. He was very happy when [...]
Everything happens for a reason
Everything Happens For A Reason
The traditions of the past are slowly fading, but for me there’s still nothing like the smell of paper and the physical [...]
interview tips
Interview Tips to Get The Job
Just because the job market is the strongest in decades doesn’t mean that interviewing is getting easier these days. Many of the [...]
job search challenges
3 Ways to Overcome Job Search Challenges
Looking for jobs is always a hot topic. And yes, there are plenty of challenges associated with it. Using the right strategies [...]
Resume writing
5 Steps To Writing A Powerful Resume That Gets Interviews
Good resume writing is an art. It’s a creative expression of who you are, what you do and how you do it. [...]
What to Look for When Discovering Your Second Career

[Article reposted from Birkman Blog] When people think of starting a second career, they often associate it with entering retirement age. However, […]

How to Make Sense of Big Data That Everyone Talks About
In recent years, the increasing importance of big data has led to big expectations. Particularly with the introduction of the concept of [...]
All New Hires at Mailchimp Take a Birkman Assessment
[Article reposted from Fast Company] Why Mailchimp Doesn't Let New Hires Work For Their First Week On The Job When new folks [...]
networking skills
Mastering Networking Skills
Although I'd been to several afterwork parties before, I didn't really know the importance of networking until I started a business in [...]
Want to Write the Perfect Resume? Stop Making It All About Yourself

[Article reposted from CNBC Make It] There’s a lot of advice out there for writing resumes. From the ideal number of job […]

Building Your Personal Brand
Last week, I presented an interactive "Building Your Personal Brand" workshop at New York University's International Students Career Conference. It was very [...]
Very Tempting Marshmallow Test
After you read the findings of the Stanford marshmallow test, you might want to give a version of it to your own [...]
Not a Typical Beach Read
When I'm on a beach vacation, I have a tendency for light, entertaining summer reads. My choices in the past like Shopaholic [...]
How Millennial Are You?
Since childhood, Sunday mornings have captured my heart for the lazy and relaxed ritual of reading Sunday newspapers - actually, I should [...]
It’s the Self-Discovery That Counts
It may surprise some of you to know this, but even coaches need coaching. To be more clear about that, Cristina and [...]
A Client Success Story
Sometimes our strong interests get ignored and forgotten because of education and school systems, influences from family and friends, and other life [...]
More Than Finding Your Color

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” -Oscar Wilde When I first heard this quote some years ago, I thought it was […]

Write a powerful resume
Treat Your Resume As a Marketing Tool
I've reviewed and edited different types of resumes lately. Short ones, long ones, some are traditional, some are expressive and creative. Even [...]
Everything Is Connected
Competition, leadership, strategy, tactic... This is the modern day business jargon we hear everyday. However, these notions are not new, they all [...]
Creating Your Career inventory

Who commits to conducting a career inventory? Where is that on the list? In creating this mental inventory and mental map, I […]

A Mysterious Relationship

As I write this, I’m putting on a smiling face to see if my facial expression can exert an influence on my […]

No Risk, No Reward
Today, I went to the Armory Show and my mind totally got lost for the day not only because the exhibition was [...]
ReNewIst Born in NYC
Choosing a name has got to be one of the toughest decisions during the process of starting a business. There are so [...]
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