Job Hunting During Covid-19

Job hunting during the Covid-19 pandemic is challenging. Many job seekers wonder if it even makes sense to look for a job. The simple fact is that some companies are still hiring, which is why it is important to explore different fields of work and continue to apply for jobs. But that is not the only thing job hunters should be doing.

As a career coach who has been working with professionals in all industries, my biggest advice is to focus on personal branding. If you want to stand out in this competitive job market, you need to discover the best way to present your value to employers in job interviews. Each interview is different, but there are new questions that can work in your favor.

According to Mark Cuban, the billionaire owner of the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks, job seekers should be prepared to answer this question: “What skills did you add during the pandemic of 2020?” He advises anyone who has some downtime to focus on taking classes or doing something to increase their skill set. “Wherever you want to work, use this time to become great at it, because that’s where the opportunities start to open up,” Cuban says. His another piece of advice is “Don’t stop applying for jobs.” He believes that America’s entrepreneurial spirit will result in several world-changing companies in the wake of coronavirus. (Read the article)

Since most companies will rely on remote employees at least until the end of 2020, I also direct attention to another important question during interview coaching sessions: “How would you overcome communication challenges on a remote team?”. Employers want to understand your experience working remotely and collaborating with team members to get things done. Use the STAR technique to give your best answer based on concrete examples, showing that you possess the required experience and skills for the job at hand.

These are the two new questions to keep in mind when you are preparing for a job interview. The way you brand yourself and state your unique selling points is the most important thing that differentiates you from other candidates. Practice for these questions and use both to your advantage.

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