Quiet Hiring

There is a new workplace phenomenon that bosses and employees should prepare for: quiet hiring, CNBC Make It reports. Quiet hiring takes place when companies hire short-term contractors or move current employees temporarily into new roles within the organization. It’s a way of running new projects and business divisions without hiring new full-time employees.

While not everyone is excited about this workforce trend, it may mean exciting opportunities for some people who are feeling stuck in a career rut. A movement into a different part of the company can open doors to new work environments, new skills, and new career paths with professional growth.

If you are interested in taking on a different position in your current company, start by conducting research and gathering information about the opportunities in different fields. Be sure to set your career goals and the skills you want to develop so that you can take the leap to a more satisfying job without leaving your current company.

While this may seem like a difficult task, finding your purpose and direction can be enriching and motivating. Exploring your best career options using a personality assessment like the Birkman Method can bring clarity to your search for a fulfilling and successful job. The insights from your career profile (examples shown below) can help you learn about your interests and the tasks that are most likely to keep you motivated and performing at your best.

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