How To Get Noticed By Employers

Since the coronavirus pandemic hit the job markets hard in early 2020, I have coached a broad range of individuals from different backgrounds to help them find jobs. While some feel less hopeful than the others about job hunting in the Covid era, all job seekers have one question in common: How do I get noticed by employers and invited for interviews?

When someone is unemployed, it may be difficult to adapt to the new job landscape, adopt new strategies and find the pathway to their career goals. However, those who embrace the new rules of job hunting by focusing on some effective techniques can have more chance of getting discovered by recruiters.

Use a simple template and powerful keywords

“70% of resumes that are submitted are read by software (applicant tracking system) before they are read by a human.” says Ian Siegel, ZipRecruiter co-founder and CEO. Therefore, he recommends using a modern, word processing software and following a simple template to format your resume. He also stresses the importance of articulating your relevant work experience and skills in line with the job title and the job description in order to successfully pass the applicant tracking system. (Watch video – ZipRecruiter CEO’s No. 1 Advice for Job Applicants)

Step up your networking game

Given that 80% of job openings are filled through some form of networking – referrals from employees, moves and promotions within an organization, formal and informal networks – it should be the focus of about 80% of your allotted time and effort for job search. According to LinkedIn, job applicants are nearly three times as likely to get a job at a company where they have a connection. Networking is a critical step that should not be skipped in the job search process. If you want a new job now, first refine your professional pitch and then start reconnecting with your former classmates and colleagues, and making new connections through your alumni, industry networking groups and virtual events.

The pandemic has created new challenges for anyone looking for work, but people are still getting hired. Healthcare, retail, food service, e-commerce and delivery companies are offering many job opportunities. It may only take a fresh look at your resume and networking efforts to get yourself noticed by employers and invited for interviews.

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