Everything Is Connected

Competition, leadership, strategy, tactic… This is the modern day business jargon we hear everyday. However, these notions are not new, they all date back to ancient civilizations. For instance, leadership principles stem from military science and strategy comes from war tactics. When we look at the war strategies of the famous Chinese strategist and philosopher Sun Tzu, we see that people always desired and searched for effective strategies to tackle difficulties. Moreover, they constantly competed to get ahead of others.

Now that people and companies are firmly connected through internet and social media, we are challenged with more intense competition. Having a well-founded strategy is necessary to survive and succeed in modern life. Our career goals need to be evaluated, analyzed and revised at all times with changes of conditions. But most of us usually focus on tactics without having a proper strategy in place. Using social media such as LinkedIn, Twitter, blogging is a good tactic and it can be much more effective when supported by a smart strategy. How can we do that?

Besides being good at what we do, we need a strong personal brand to increase our chances of finding a dream job, being promoted or getting a pay raise. We should start with a self-assessment to understand our interests, strengths, motivations and what really distinguishes us from others, and thus, building our authentic brand. Then we should learn our environment where there may be many options for us. Social media and LinkedIn provide endless opportunities if we actually know how to utilize them. On top of it, seizing effective networking and interviewing techniques leads the way to a sustainable career opportunity. And it all starts with holding a strong resume and cover letter ready at hand.

March is already over, but there’s still plenty of time to increase our competitive advantages and achieve our career goals set for this year. I’m sure we have something useful to offer you at Renewist.

Written by guest blogger, Ipek Aldatmaz

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