It’s the Self-Discovery That Counts

It may surprise some of you to know this, but even coaches need coaching. To be more clear about that, Cristina and I have been coaching each other for more than a year now. We met during our training at NYU, and our sessions which, in the beginning, mostly had the purpose of preparing for the ICF (International Coach Federation) credentialing gradually developed into much needed support from each other.

Two weeks ago, Cristina wanted to take the Birkman assessment from me. I was happy to do it for her and I knew she would benefit she’s a type of person always looking for ways to learn and grow. But quite frankly, I wasn’t expecting such great influence on her thinking and self-view. I’m thankful for her openness and frankness, and honored to share her very special note with you.

What About Knowing Yourself Another Time?

It sounds like being born another time with more awareness of “Who I am†. Despite a personal skepticism regarding assessments in general, I honestly have to say that this time was different.

I like the completeness of the Birkman that confirms my endless and not understood love for creativity. And, as in every classical fairy tale, it was like opening a new window towards new colors and music where the mosaic of my mind finally starts to take a new and meaningful shape.

Anyway, what I consider extremely valuable is the coaching conversation that has developed around the many different aspects of my personality: some of which it happens I like very much and some maybe less. For the latter, I realized how important is to raise the awareness which is the starter of any great change. Working with you, Pelin, helped me to re-open my eyes and tackle what, just naturally considered part of my character from birth, granted themselves the right to master some of my angles.

To make a long story short (because I could continue for long), I would highlight two keywords: CONNECTED “really connected to my inner which brings me a lot of ENERGY to start something new. You got me Pelin!!!

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