A Client Success Story

Sometimes our strong interests get ignored and forgotten because of education and school systems, influences from family and friends, and other life demands. But, it is never too late to make the best use of our biggest interests and talents, and make work more rewarding for us.

A few months ago, I worked with a client who was a senior financial analyst in the finance department of a major multinational company. When she came to me, she was showing clear signs of burnout, stress, frustration and lack of motivation. Her job performance was slipping and she was facing interpersonal problems at work. When she took the Birkman assessment, I wasn’t surprised that her interests were not in the Yellow quadrant, but in the Green quadrant in close proximity to the Blue quadrant.

While her job involved mainly repetitive numerical and clerical tasks (Yellow job tasks), her interests lied in selling, promoting, motivating, persuading and teaching combined with creating new approaches. Seeing this information, we started exploring a fulfilling career path for her. She’s now teaching foreign languages to her private clients and her business is thriving. When I last talked to her, she sounded happy and satisfied and said that she was now doing what she always dreamed of doing as a little girl.

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