The Highest Earning College Majors

The U.S. Bureau for Labor Statistics’ June 2020 job report reveals that the unemployment rate is currently 11.1%. As the economic consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic are more detrimental for certain industries, now more than ever, students are concerned to choose a college major with abundant job opportunities.

As a career changer, I often say that the best college major should suit the person’s interests. However, mere liking of a field of study does not always translate into a promising career path. For students of today, I recommend first finding their passion and then aligning it with a college major that promises employment potential and a bright future.

Below are the highest earning college majors according to a recent Glassdoor report:
(Source: Ladders)

1. Computer Science

• Median Base Salary: $70,000

• Popular Entry-Level Jobs: Software Engineer, Systems Engineer, Web Developer

2. Electrical Engineering

• Median Base Salary: $68,438

• Popular Entry-Level Jobs: Electrical Engineer, Systems Engineer, Software Developer

3. Mechanical Engineering

• Median Base Salary: $68,000

• Popular Entry-Level Jobs: Mechanical Engineer, Design Engineer, Project Engineer

4. Chemical Engineering

• Median Base Salary: $65,000

• Popular Entry-Level Jobs: Chemical Engineer, Process Engineer, Project Engineer

5. Industrial Engineering

• Median Base Salary: $64,381

• Popular Entry-Level Jobs:Industrial Engineer, Quality Engineer, Production Planner

6. Information Technology

• Median Base Salary: $64,008

• Popular Entry-Level Jobs: Programmer Analyst, Technical Support, Systems Engineer

7. Civil Engineering

• Median Base Salary: $61,500

• Popular Entry-Level Jobs: Civil Engineer, Structural Engineer, Field Engineer

8. Statistics

• Median Base Salary: $60,000

• Popular Entry-Level Jobs:Data Analyst, Statistician, Data Scientist

9. Nursing

• Median Base Salary: $58,928

• Popular Entry-Level Jobs: Registered Nurse, Licensed Vocational Nurse, Case Manager

10. Management Information Systems

• Median Base Salary: $58,000

• Popular Entry-Level Jobs: Network Administrator, Help Desk Analyst, Business Analyst

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