Ways To Network Internally

Recently, one of my clients has been promoted within his company and relocated to the West Coast. He was very happy when he gave me the news, but he said that he felt anxious about integrating to a new workplace. His new position would involve working with other teams and departments, and his job performance would largely depend on internal collaboration. My client wanted to explore the ways to network internally with new colleagues without feeling awkward and a fear of rejection. Our brainstorming session sparked some ideas:

1. Be friendly and say hi to people in the shared spaces (halls, elevators, break rooms, etc.), and introduce yourself. For example, “Hey, I always see you around and wanted to actually introduce myself! My name is Pelin. What’s your name?”

2. Next, you can show curiosity for their work, ask what department they’re in and establish rapport. If they show an interest in understanding your work, take the time to share whatever you can.

3. From there, you can gradually build a stronger bond and say that you would love to grab coffee or lunch and chat about projects in your respective departments.

4. Next, you can pay attention to little details they share with you. For example, if someone mentions a big project or meeting, ask how it’s going when you see him/her next time.

5. Go for the win-win. You can try to make introductions across departments or offices if you think two people could benefit from knowing each other. They can do the same for you.

6. Participate in training programs, volunteer assignments and social events where you can meet colleagues from other departments.

You can still benefit from internal networking, even if your job doesn’t require to do so. As you network internally and become a well-connected person, you will begin to see how you can create value for your colleagues and your company by keeping their interests in mind and being a resourceful team player.

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