ReNewIst Born in NYC

Choosing a name has got to be one of the toughest decisions during the process of starting a business. There are so many things to think about and it took me lots of different ideas before I eventually beat this challenge and created “Renewist” with the help of my good friend and fellow coach Stephanie Bittle.

As a true coach, Stephanie first made me get all the words, terms and names that had been bubbling in my mind onto a piece paper. After I scribbled all over the paper, she asked about the elements I was looking to include in the name. I wanted it to be short, memorable, easy to spell, to give some clues about my business, and most importantly, to have positive connotation that draws me and my clients in itself.

ReNewIst came as the winner because it meets all the requirements and contains ‘Renew’, which is what I strive to accomplish with my clients, and ‘New York’ and ‘Istanbul’, which are the two cities where my business has started with a global perspective. On top of all, ‘Re’ is the first syllable of the word ‘painting’ in Turkish. Now that so much relief is placed in me, all I am hoping is to create an equally winning business logo and to live with this name into a very successful future. 🙂

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